Verification Resource Tool
Enabling Veteran Business Opportunities by Protecting the Veteran Advantage—One Vet at a Time

Welcome to the Verification Resource Tool. We have developed this resource tool along with the Verification Self-Assessment Tool to assist you in understanding the verification process. We recommend that you review the information contained within this resource tool to gather a better understanding of the verification process prior to applying for verification.
CVE encourages all potential applicants to use the Verification Resource Tool in order to gauge their readiness and preparedness for the application process. By using the Verification Resource Tool, Veterans will learn about the application requirements and address any issues prior to applying.
Utilizing CVE’s Verification Resource Tool, along with other resources such as the Verification Assistance Briefs, the Verification Self-Assessment Tool and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Veterans can prepare for a positive outcome in the verification process.
If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please contact the CVE Helpdesk Support Staff at (866)-584-2344 or visit us at

Disclaimer: This resource tool is for educational purposes only. The use of this tool is optional. To find out more about our Verification program, please visit our website at

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