Registration Form - CVE Certified Counselor Training

Thank you for your interest in the CVE Certified Counselor Training program. Please take a moment and complete this registration form for future training.
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DISCLAIMER: The Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) is highly supportive of the Verification Counselor program as this program provides a valuable service to Veterans who are going through the application process. CVE provides responses to counselor inquiries as a means to inform applicants about the Veterans First Contracting Program. However, 5 CFR § 2635.702(c) prohibits agency endorsements of any product, service or enterprise. Accordingly, CVE’s resources are not available to certified verification Counselors who are currently accepting fees for their Verification Program counseling services. Additionally, CVE will not provide training, inquiry responses and other resources to paid Counselors. CVE Certified Counselors found to be charging a fee will be removed from the VETBIZ website. CVE will continue to support PTAC and Veteran Partner Organizations (VSOs) that do not charge a fee. Contact CVE at or call (202) 632-9099 if you have questions about the Counselor listing.